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1. Application and Submission Procedure:

A candidate may apply for CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB, in 2 ways:
a) Online
b) Offline.

a) ONLINE Registration for Application to CEE- AMPAI-2020-WB:

1: Registration at CEE-AMPAI 2020 website: The candidate needs to login at, go to “Apply Online” section and create his/her user id account by providing his/her name and email at the “New Online Registration” section. Registration” section.

                    (i) The candidate will receive an auto-generated unique password in the e-mail id so provided by him/her.

2: Logging In with Unique Password:

                   (i) The candidate needs to check his/her e-mail id for the aforesaid e-mail message with the subject: “CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB

                   (ii) The candidate needs open this mail to get the unique password.

(iii) The candidate needs to re-visit and go to the login page. This time (s)he needs to use the “Existing Users Login” section where (s)he may enter his/her e-mail id and the password sent on email and proceed to fill up the on-line application form to CEE-AMPAI -2020-WB. After login, the candidate may change the password.

3: Filling up of On-Line form: To fill up the on-line application form for CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB, the candidate needs to note the following important points.

Important Note: Applicants to fill up CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB may fill up the online application form and submit Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred only) as application fees via the online payment gateway at one sitting only during filling up of the online application form. That is, the form cannot be partially filled and saved and submitted at a later stage.

If a student is unable to fill up the form completely or, is somehow unable to complete form fill up after starting and logs out leaving the form incomplete, shall need to restart filling up the form at a later stage by logging in with his/her e-mail id and password.

The on-line payment needs to be completed immediately after submission of the online application form.

If any student logs out after online form submission and before completing online payment transaction, shall need to fill up the application form afresh.

If a candidate is able to fill up the online application form and during online payment experiences any problems at the payment gateway due to failure in payment, may proceed for payment at a later time by choosing the option of “Retry Payment” available with the Logout option. In this case, the candidate is not required to fill up the online application form afresh.

Submission of on-line application form needs to be completed before the due date.

Once the online application form is submitted, this form is final and details in the said form cannot be altered or changed anymore. Students are requested to exercise caution or get in touch with AMPAI Helpline numbers when facing any difficulty. Candidate shall receive e-mail intimation once the application form for CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB has been successfully submitted.

4: Candidates applying to appear for CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB also need to upload the following documents along with the on-line application form:

             (i) Recent passport –size photograph (Approximate dimensions: Height:4.5 cm Width: 3.5 cm; Size: 300 KB)

            (ii) Scan of own signature: (Approximate dimensions: Height:1.5 cm x Width: 3.5 cm; Size: 100 KB)

            (iii) Admit Card of 10th Standard examination (Approximate dimensions: Height: 210mm x Width: 297mm; Size: 600 KB)


5: The candidate next needs to make a payment of Rs. 200/- [Rupees Two Hundred only] by the on-line payment gateway. Unless this payment transaction is successfully completed, the application status to appear for CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB is not complete.

Any student who initiates the on-line registration process and fails to complete the on-line process for whatever reason may choose to apply for CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB in the off-line process. There is no penalty in leaving the online process of application incomplete.

However, a candidate may apply in CEE-AMPAI-2020-WB in one way only: either on-line of off-line. Any candidate who has already completed application online shall not be allowed to apply off-line at a later side and vice versa. In such a case, the application done later, (either off-line or on-line as applicable) shall be cancelled.